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A Flash Tube(IPL flash lamp)
A flash tube, comprising a glass shell, is arranged in the glass shell and tube ends of the anode and cathode, coated on the glass shell and tube outer surface of the conductive film, set in the cathode and surface of the conductive film is electrically connected to the trigger electrode, filling the glass shell and internal xenon and at least a high temperature of the electrode head and at least a suction electrode head, high temperature resistant electrode head is arranged in the cathode, the suction electrode head is arranged in the cathode and / or the anode. By adopting the structure of flash tube can improve the output power and the operating frequency of the lamp, extend the lamp lifetime. For further expansion of the application fields.

Can be widely used in toys, flashing lights, camera flash, photo exposure lamp, automobile and motorcycle lights, strobe brake lights, signal lamp, navigation network light, aviation lights, warning lights flash. Industry.