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Xenon lamp, also called HID gas discharge headlamps. Is wrapped in a high-pressure xenon lamp in the quartz tubeXenon to replace the traditional tungsten filament, with higher temperature, more aggregated lighting. The xenon lamp is a bunch of arc current activation by high pressure xenon formed between two electrodes, can be sustained discharge. Power of common automobile lighting up to 55 watts, and xenon lamp is only 35 watts, nearly 1 times lower. Xenon lamp can significantly reduce the burden of the vehicle power system. Automobile xenon lamp color temperature in the 4000K - 6000K, much higher than an ordinary car headlamp bulb. It has high brightness xenon lamp, 4300K light color white yellow, the color temperature low, the visual effect of yellow, light penetration in the high color temperature light, can improve the driving safety at night and fog weather. When the night driving in no light on the road, road is narrow and curved, at this point, if you will be more bright lights, as far, so traffic safety will improve many. Xenon lamp HID is developed based on the safety of night driving a new generation of headlights..

A xenon lamp, color temperature from 3000K to 12000K, the color temperature and solar 6000K light is similar, but the green and blue components with more, therefore appears blue-white light. The blue-white Everbright increase brightness of road signs and sign.